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semi-arid region of the Golden Triangle composed of places like LaSalle, Zavala, and Uvalde, is the biggest source of big bucks in Texas. Deer hunting is popular here, and hunters gather from everywhere to harvest the best trophy bucks when the season starts in November.
However, in Texas, deer hunting requires special equipment. Some are items specific to the region while others are have ammo prices increased
required by Texas law. There are also certain items that are prohibited.
Hunting license. It’s required of any person regardless of age. The only time it’s not required is when shooting depredating wild boars or ammo prices coyotes, or increased
nuisance fur-bearing animals. A hunting license can be bought online directly from Texas Parks and Wildlife or from a local retailer.
Snake chaps/boots. There are a number of venomous snake species native to Texas. Protecting your feet with boots not only keeps you comfortable while trekking over rocky terrain, but also protects you against dangerous snake bites.
Rifle. Most Texas hunting ranches expect the hunter to bring his own weapon. Experienced hunters recommend a bolt action of at least .270 caliber with sling and scope. Texas laws do not allow rimfire ammunition from being used on whitetail deer.
Binoculars. Mainly used for spotting game like Texas deer, hunting binoculars can also allow you to appreciate the beautiful ranch scenery and watch the migrating white wing and mourning doves.
All-weather camouflage. Camouflage outfits can mask the hunter’s silhouette from the colorblind deer. The thick material also provides ample protection against the wide temperature variation in South Texas.
Rain gear. Rainfall is evenly distributed in the area. The chance of encountering a shower during the hunting season is average.
Sunglasses and sunblock. The weather varies wildly during deer hunting season, and the bright landscape can cause eye damage in the long term. A sunblock with high SPF is also recommended to protect against sunburn.
Large ice chest. After a successful whitetail deer hunt, some hunters want to bring game home. Having a large ice chest on hand can keep the meat fresh until they’re brought to the hunting lodge for dressing.
Personal necessities. Roughing it in the outdoors doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Hunters bring a shaving kit and casual clothes for camp.
Towels, shampoo, soap, linens, pillows. Depending on the service of the hunting ranch, this can be provided for the hunter.
With all this equipment prepared, the hunter can go into the wilds of Webb, Dimmit, or Uvalde, Texas. Deer hunting in those places within the Golden Triangle can be a rewarding experience for both beginners and experienced hunters, alike.